What are the cheapest movers options?

American Van Lines offers more than local moving services, including long-distance moving and packaging supplies. The company's specialty is long-distance moving, and its goal is to create a stress-free moving experience for tenants and homeowners. Other moving services available include corporate relocation, removals for military families, storage solutions, and moving services for fragile items, such as antiques and pianos. Customers can cancel any service up to 7 days before the scheduled move at no charge.

Not only does American Van Lines specialize in long-distance moving, but it also offers cheap moving services from one state to another, as well as discounts for moving between major cities. In addition, the company is concerned about the effect of its industry on the environment and organizes sustainability initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of moving. While customers must make a deposit of 10 to 50 percent when booking, American Van Lines continues to offer fixed-rate services, including for specialty items. This ensures that the customer is not charged a higher fee for services that took longer or were more intensive than expected.

Budget Truck Rental is one of the best moving truck rental companies and is a leading truck rental company in the United States with a network of more than 1600 locations. It was founded in 1998 and offers moving trucks for both the consumer and light trade sectors. Founded in 2004, CubeSmart is now a publicly traded company offering affordable, easily accessible storage space for residential and commercial customers. With more than 1,300 installations across the country, CubeSmart offers clean, well-lit facilities for home storage, moving storage, business storage, and vehicle storage.

Temperature-controlled units are standard at CubeSmart, which may mean that the price is higher than other non-temperature-controlled installations. However, knowing that air conditioned units are the norm can provide peace of mind for a customer if they are concerned about a temperature-sensitive item. CubeSmart moving storage solutions offer practical features, such as monthly rentals and easy access to units, to ensure a smooth moving process. It also offers consistent offers on storage units, free tips on packing and moving, and a printable moving checklist.

Zippy Shell's cancellation policy is a bit strict, and a 3-day charging period may be too short for some landlords and tenants. However, the low price and high quality of service still make it an attractive option. While the metal cage design may require more careful packaging than a fully walled container would require, the housing's durable steel construction keeps items safe and ready for their next adventure. Zippy Shell also has temperature-controlled storage facilities to ensure that belongings don't break in the cold or expand in the heat.

Founded in 2004, AmeriFreight offers individual commercial and shipping services across the country. While AmeriFreight offers a variety of moving solutions for consumers and businesses, we chose their automatic shipping solution as the best because of its affordability and reliability. AmeriFreight provides customers with a specialized customer service agent as soon as their vehicle is towed to communicate updates and answer their questions. AmeriFreight also takes the guesswork out of quoting prices and assures customers that the cost will be the price they were quoted.

In addition, AmeriFreight offers a period of 2 days for damage inspection and complaint, which is quite long compared to competitors in the market. While customer service isn't available on Sundays and the company's website is unintuitive, the Better Business Bureau's A+ rating says a lot about customer satisfaction. Thanks to the company's fixed-rate services, reliable customer service, discounts between major cities and sustainable initiatives, we chose American Van Lines as the best cheap moving service available. For those looking for even more discounts and a self-service option, we recommend Budget Truck Rental.

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